Crumbling Concrete Information

Crumbling concrete basement wall

Town of Tolland Contacts

Assessor's Office: 860-871-3655

Building Department: 860-871-3601

Town Manager's Office: 860-871-3600

Legislation has been passed for the 2016 grand list that allows the assessor to reduce assessments due to the crumbling foundation outbreak.  An application can be found here, as well as an engineers evaluation report which needs to be filed with the assessor by December 1 in order to process the application before the grand list is signed.  Please contact the assessor with any questions. 

A Homeowner Advocate has been appointed by the Department of Housing (DOH) in accordance with Public Act 17-2, Section 347.  The Homeowner Advocate helps homeowners with questions pertaining to State or Federal assistance as well as coordinate efforts of the State to provide assistance to those with crumbling foundations. 

Lena Holleran, Homeowner Advocate Crumbling Foundations
50 Hudson St, Hartford, CT
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