Animal Control

Division of the Public Safety Department

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Our mission is to achieve the most efficient and effective use of resources for the benefit of the citizens and animals, to create an environment in which people can move about safely, to minimize euthanasia by promoting our facility’s pets for adoption in as many ways as possible and to maintain management excellence. On a daily basis, the two officers in the Animal Control division perform a variety of services that help animals and humans alike. They rescue injured animals; control stray and potentially dangerous domestic and wild animals roaming at large; and bring lost pets into the animal shelter where their owners can reclaim them.

The division takes an active role in enforcing local and state ordinances concerning the licensing and treatment of animals. Every complaint and cruelty case is investigated, and arrests can be made when individuals are found to be in non-compliance with the laws.

Staff members are part-time employees so please call the Animal Control Office prior to visiting the dog pound to ensure that staff is available to assist you.

In most cases, responses to emails shall be handled during normal business hours.



Animal Control Officer

(860) 871-3676

Animal Control Officer

(860) 871-3676

Public Safety Executive Secretary

(860) 871-3677

Admin. Secretary

(860) 871-3677

Director of Public Safety

(860) 871-3674