Tax Department

Collector of Revenue

The principal functions of the Collector of Revenue are to bill, collect, and record tax revenue. Other collection functions include departmental revenue, sewer and water assessments, Small Cities Grant program income, and Tolland Non-profit Housing Corporations’ monthly user fees. The office is also responsible for delinquent billings, issuing Alias Tax Warrants, filing and releasing liens, initiating tax sales and reporting delinquencies and payments to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Office of the Collector of Revenue prepares bills and collects taxes for real estate, motor vehicles, and personal property according to the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut (Sec.12-130 et seq.). Approximately 22,000 bills are mailed each year.

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In most cases, responses to emails shall be handled during normal business hours.

Staff Contacts


Collector of Revenue

(860) 871-3651

Assistant Collector of Revenue

(860) 871-3657

Account Clerk I

(860) 871-3654