Assessor's Office

The Assessor is responsible for maintaining a uniform distribution of the property tax burden among all the taxpayers, and ensuring that procedures are performed in accordance with provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes Title 12.

The Assessor’s Office is responsible for preparing a yearly Grand List that identifies all taxable Real and Personal Property located in Tolland as of October 1. Assessment records are updated from documents received from the Town Clerk’s Office, Planning & Development, Zoning and the Building Inspector. Tax maps are maintained on an annual basis. Inspections are made of all properties receiving building permits during the course of the year as well as properties where work has been done without proper permits.

It is the responsibility of the Assessor’s Office to determine eligibility for various statutory and local exemptions. These include veterans, elderly, disabled, blind, solar, manufactures, farm and forest, among others. Numerous reports are prepared for various private, state, and municipal agencies. Appraisal reports are reviewed for properties the Town is interested in acquiring.

The Assessor’s Office is required to supervise and coordinate the revaluation of all taxable and exempt property. Revaluations are now required every five years by State Statutes.

In most cases, responses to emails shall be handled during normal business hours.

Staff Contacts



(860) 871-3655

Deputy Assessor

(860) 871-3656

Assessment Technician

(860) 871-3650