Bulky and Metal Waste Collection

You can call Willimantic Waste at (800) 286-5335 or schedule on-line.


Town sponsored metal/bulky waste pick-up will be picked up at no charge during the first full week of October 2022 (week of October 3rd).  RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED AT LEAST 4 DAYS IN ADVANCE OF YOUR NORMAL PICK-UP DAY.

Willimantic Waste Paper does monthly Metal/Bulky Waste at curbside pick-ups with the resident being charged by the vendor $34 per pick-up for up to (4) reasonable sized items.  Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received by Willimantic Waste Paper.  Paid reservations can only be done by calling Willimantic Waste Paper.  Oil is no longer picked up at curbside due to environmental concerns.  Some auto parts businesses take used motor oil for a small fee.  Bill’s Auto Parts and Anderson Automotive are two local options.

  • If there is a holiday during the first full week of the month, the Metal and Bulky Waste pick-ups are postponed one week to the following week.
  • You may click here for a listing of holidays.

You are required to call Willimantic Waste or go to their website at www.williwaste.com to advise them of your need for a Bulky/Metal pick-up. Call either of the numbers below at least (4) business days ahead of your regular collection day and let them know what items you have for pick-up.

Telephone Number to Call for Bulky and/or Metal Pickup
Willimantic Waste Paper Co. at 1-800-286-5335, or, 860-423-4527.

Click Here to Make an On-Line Bulky Waste/Metal Reservation

Additional Requirements

1. Please separate metal items from regular garbage (i.e., clean metal of anything that is non-metal). If this is  not possible, please schedule a Bulky Waste pick-up rather than a Metal pick-up.

2. Metal and Bulky Waste items should not be co-mingled at the curb; please separate out.

3. Large unwieldy items such as swing sets, TV antennas, car parts and chassis, riding lawn mowers, pipes, etc. must be disassembled or cut up before placing at the curb. Willimantic Waste will be unable to pick-up any items which exceed a reasonable size for handling. Whole cars should be brought to an auto recycler for disposal or disposed of through private arrangements.

Items Accepted via the Metal Pick-up Service

Items Accepted via the Bulky Waste Pick-Up Service

Homeowners are asked to place Bulky Waste items at the curb as close to the date of the scheduled pick-up as possible.  We have had instances where homeowners have left items weeks in advance of their pick-up appointment or have even forgotten the important step of calling to schedule the pick-up. Depending on the quantity and type of waste, this may create a dangerous hazard along the roadside, is unsightly, can provide habitat to vermin and encourages scavenging.