Land Records & Maps

land records

Land records and maps are available for viewing in the Town Clerk’s Office. Land records include deeds, mortgages, releases, liens, and subdivision maps. These records illustrate the history of Tolland’s land ownership since 1715.

In Connecticut, land records are recorded in the individual town where the property is located, not at the county level.

A self-service copy machine is available for those wishing to copy these records. The charge for certification of a document is $2.00 and a copy of a deed is $1.00 (per page)

The charge for recording a land record that does not involve a nominee (MERS) is $60.00 for the first page of the document and $5.00 for subsequent pages within the same document. Releases and Assignments of Mortgage for which Mortgage Electronic Registrations Systems (MERS) is the grantor are $159.00.  All other documents involving MERS are $159.00 for the first page and $5.00 for each subsequent page within the same document.

The State conveyance tax amount is $0.0075 x consideration and Municipal conveyance tax is $0.0025 x consideration.  Please see the State of Connecticut Revenue Services Department for additional details, as these amounts may vary.

A signed Connecticut State OP-236 Form must accompany every transfer deed or easement of real property.  Click HERE for an online fillable form.

Access to Land Records Online

Tolland is pleased to offer online access to our land Records.  This online service has been added for your convenience.  The online records are available at from July 1, 1970 to the present. Searching and viewing the records is free of charge.  To print or save any image you will be charged at the rate of $2.00 per page for all pages of the document.  To become a pay-per-access user, simply fill out the registration form and choose a member ID and password for future visits.

Online Land Records