King Riverside Conservation Area

The King Riverside Conservation Area provides for public access to a 30 acre area in southeast Tolland off Route 195 on Dimock Road,. The Public Access Area has clearly marked trails that parallel the Willimantic River. The Town purchased a conservation easement for development rights to the entire 173 acre property from the King family in 2007. There is no public access to the remaining 143 acres; please respect the private property rights.

The property contains wetlands, farmland and forest. Diverse river habitat, small brooks, floodplain forest, forested swamp, upland oak forest, mixed conifer and oak forest, ledge outcrops, open field, scrub upland, marsh and wet meadow can be found on the property, providing habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. The Willimantic River offers great fishing opportunities.

A large, old red oak exists on the southern boundary wall at the start of the trail. Midway on the trail is a marker for a historic mill site. The northern part of the trail has a beautiful grove of mountain laurel. At the northerly border, a bridge continues the trail over Newcomb Brook. Visitors can continue on to Fox Ridge Lane and then into Tolland’s River Park and Becker Conservation Area. From the parking lot at the southern border of the property, visitors can cross Route 195, and using local roads, continue to Coventry’s Riverview Park and Mansfield’s Merrow Meadow Park and River Park.

Bluebird houses have been placed on the property by Eagle Scouts as part of a research project on habitat preferences for these majestic birds in keeping with management goals for this conservation property. When you notice the houses and bluebirds, please view them from a distance. Do not disturb the birds and their homes. We are grateful for the research and other efforts dedicated by the Eagle Scouts.  These efforts benefit wild life in the area and add to the enjoyment of visitors to this property.


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