About the Library

The Tolland Public Library Association was established in 1898. The library opened with 400 books on January 1, 1899 in two rooms on the first floor of the Tolland County Courthouse. In 1901, the Tolland Public Library Association was incorporated by a charter from the Connecticut General Assembly to maintain a free public library in the Town of Tolland. In 1930, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Simpson purchased the Court House from the County Commissioner of Tolland. For $1.00, they deeded the building to the Library Association.

In 1960 when the Probate Court vacated the building, that area was turned into the Children’s Room. In 1977, the Library Study Committee recommended that due to constraints imposed by the historical building and lack of space for expansion, a new library should be constructed. Public Building Committee reports of 1979, 1981, and 1982 concluded that it would be cost effective to have a municipal office and library complex. On November 8, 1983, the town of Tolland voted to appropriate $1,310,000 for the renovation and site improvements to the vacated Hicks Memorial School for use as the Municipal Office and Library Complex. The state of Connecticut awarded the Tolland Library $115,000 for its new building. The Town of Tolland Charter was revised in 1984 and established a library with a six member advisory board appointed by the Town Council. The Charter also empowered the town manager to control hiring and contracting necessary to establish a library. On October 24, 1985 with community assistance, the library moved to its new 13,500 square foot location with 25,000 books. 

In the fall of 2011, a new roof, skylight, and HVAC system were installed.  A referendum was passed in November 2013 which allowed the Town to appropriate $2,600,000 for a library expansion.  The architectural firm, Drummey Rosane Anderson, was hired in September 2014 and Sarazin General Contractors, Inc. was selected in September 2015. The expansion was completed in March 2017.