Atlas One Public Safety Platform

Atlas One

Tolland residents, the virtual public safety Atlas One platform has been launched and is now live in our Town! The emergency notification system is a user friendly platform which will allow Tolland residents to share crime tips in a two-way communication setting with the Tolland Resident Troopers Office. Users will receive real time updates of incidents occurring within our Town such as motor vehicle accidents, road closures, crime bulletins, public events, and critical incidents. Information broadcasted on Atlas One by the Tolland Resident Troopers will be received by users in real time, and will be updated as incidents are investigated and as information is developed. The Atlas One platform is not a replacement for the 9-1-1 system. Anyone observing active criminal activity or requiring immediate police response should call 9-1-1. Anyone with questions regarding the utilization of Atlas One can contact the Tolland Resident Troopers Office. Please consider downloading Atlas One today. It’s FREE!